Saturday, January 30, 2010

As of late

Two Sundays ago I shot another wedding!  I was very honored to be asked to be the photographer for this very special event.  I charged very little because I know that I do not have the proper equipment (good flash, for one) or even a great lense to produce *amazing* results. That will come in good time though. So, all in all, I am not thrilled with the results, but then again I am never thrilled with anything I create.  I hold my standards extremely high, but am glad that I do that because it always pushes me to become even better!

The wedding was indoors with very dim lighting. Like I wrote above, I just didn't have the right equipment to get good, crisp shots with this setting.  I worked with what I had though and took a lot of time editing them. Here's a few shots from the wedding:


45.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

The full wedding can be seen HERE. 

P.S.  Does anyone know of a good free website (not Youtube) where I could upload my videos?  I'm having copyright issues with photobucket and I'm sure Youtube would pose the same problem.  I don't like how Vimeo videos look when presenting a wedding.  I want something a bit more classy, ya know?

And other things recently:

I finally got my beads back from the garage at my condo.  The tenant recently moved out (he has to go to Afghanistan, poor guy) and while doing the walk-through, I saw that my beads were still hanging on the wall in the garage!!  The've really helped make my house come together.  Look:

My duvet came in the mail last week. I really love the beautiful fabric:

How about some recent shoe purchases of mine:

IMG_0036-1.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_0041.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_0045-1.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Very Happy

Last night was the art show that I was in. My piece will be hanging there for a full month so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will sell. I'm asking $250 for it. 25% will go to the gallery, which is completely fair of course. It looks like I'm going to be in another show next month too, which is a benefit for endangered animals. Yay!

Here are some photos of the show. I wasn't sure if photos were allowed, so I only took a few inconspicuous shots:

(mine is in the middle)

(2nd from the right) Haha, my friend on Flikr joked that my girl looked scared being next to so many vatos! She can handle it though. She's tougher than she looks!

I thought this was cute:

We then walked around all of the galleries since Northpark has an art walk once a month which was going on this night. I was really loving the atmosphere, being around so many ecletic individuals, great music, good food and wine, etc. I had a lot of fun.

Behind the musicians is a wall filled with four murals. My friend, Craig, painted this one maybe 6 months back:
It's of his wife and was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

I thought that this was a cute mural too:

And a couple other shots for good measure:

These are fushia flowers and berries in my parent's front yard. For the record, fuschia berries are actually edible and make great jams! They're rather tasteless alone, but if you were to add sugar to them, they would taste great!

Emma and I going for a stroll:

Good bye.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Long day

Well today was quite an adventure! David had the day off, so we decided to walk all over San Diego--literally! We must have walked for 5 or 6 hours! I wanted to practice using my camera as I have a big moment coming up in a couple of weeks. Anyway, onto the day....

It started with us finding a ripe monster fruit!! I have never eaten one before, yet have wanted to try one for 7 years now! Ever since I read up on them while working at the plant nursery, I've been set on finding a ripe one. If you pick them too soon, they won't ripen properly. Here is what they look like:

When ripe the inside looks like this:

The fruit smelled like a very sweet pineapple and the taste was a cross between a pineapple, banana and coconut! I say coconut because there was a slight nutty taste to it. It was delicious!

We then went to the suspension bridge.

We parked next to the most beautiful door when we got there!

Instead of walking across the 100 ft. high bridge (which we've done numerous times before) we hiked below it.

It was actually quite dull below. I think it will be better in the spring once there's been more rainfall and everything is green and lush. I kind liked this shot though. I need to work on my layering more though:

We then went to Palm Canyon in Balboa.

Looks like eyes

I was working on my close-ups, which this camera lacks on achieving. I need to invest in another lens that specializes in close-ups.

This was strange. At one point I came face to face with a hawk! I've never seen one this close before! Naturally I was having issues with my camera so I was unable to get a crisp shot.... >:(

Okay, we then headed downtown!

I love the tree planters around there!

And there are so many beautiful, rustic buildings. You can get a real sense of the history down there.

I liked the staghorns above this building:

We came across what looked like a Chinatown! I had no clue one even existed downtown!

We then walked to Little Italy (my town since I'm Sicillian!)

All of the corners were filled with flowers and fruit trees. Very nice

The electric boxes are painted EVERYWHERE in San Diego!

David found a cool mode on my camera that made everything light and sepia toned!

Souless statues?

And that was pretty much it.  Hope you all had a great New Years and I hope that '10 is the beginning of a happy and prosperous decade!