Thursday, April 29, 2010

Queen of Hearts & Alice

I just recently finished my Queen of Hearts for the 'Artists in Wonderland' show which will be this summer. The photo's a little cut off on the top.

And I worked a little more on my Alice:

Next up is the Mad Hatter.

Sammy bear:

There used to be a bunch of caterpillars on my fennel plant. I was told they would turn into Swallowtails. Well, now there's only one! I've concluded that either a bird got them or the gardner murdered them because I noticed they were missing the day after he worked on our yard. :( They sure were heffers! It's really fun watching them eat.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Project #4

Our 4th photo project was to be a montage of several photos previously taken for class. Here they are:

Can somebody tell me how the heck I managed to turn the hundred dollar bill's #'s upside down but the face remained the same? So strange!

This one is a bit cramped, but whatever.

Okay, off to teach!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here's one of my pieces for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland show that I'm going to be in. I'm going to work a little more on it, but it's pretty much done. There's texture and sparkles all over this painting that did NOT show up on the damn camera! I think they really makes this piece what it is! Whatever.


It feels nice getting back into a consistent painting groove. Much more to come in the future hopefully!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hillcrest's Farmer's Market

I was given the wonderful opportunity this past Sunday to do a live painting at Hillcrest's Farmer's Market. I was located at Hillcrest's actual booth, as I was hired by them. They were kind enough to do a write-up on me too which I'm super excited about! You can read it here.

My God, my hair looks like a wild mess. How embarassing! I was celebrating my friend's b-day pretty late the night before and vanity was very low on my list the next morning. :/

Monday, April 5, 2010

Photoshoot with Diana

This past Sunday I did a photoshoot with my friend Diana. She wanted to do a shoot with her guitar, so that's what we did. She plays the guitar so beautifully and it felt like a 5 star photoshoot with her beautiful music in the air! It really added to the ambiance.

Anyway, my main gripes are that I'm beginning to think that my lense just cannot capture distance without it looking blurry. I'm going to need to confirm this with my teacher. Of course, it could also have something to do with the settings that I was using. Once again, these are still all shot in raw mode, which means I have to manually set the aperture and shutter speed (yikes!). Haha, that's no big deal to an experienced photographer, but it's obviously giving me some trouble.

IMG_1647-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_1668-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

I love the blue lights from the sun that appeared directly on her in this photo below.  A little magical, no?
8-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain 

IMG_1714-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_1648-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_1707-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain 

Ugh, see this one pisses me off because of how blurry it turned out.  Whyyyyy??
5-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_1725-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_1726-Copy.jpg picture by emeraldsrain

IMG_1729.jpg picture by emeraldsrain